Susan Stephenson, Baptist at Albany Road Baptist Church, Cardiff

Susan is a Baptist Minister. Born in the north of England, with Yorkshire miners as relatives, she lived and led diverse, multicultural churches in south London for over 20 years before coming to Wales in 2011. Since then she has served as a Chaplain at the University of South Wales, as a Minister at Albany Road Baptist Church in Cardiff and currently as a Regional Minister with the South Wales Baptist Association.

She is married to Peter and they have 2 adult sons, 2 lovely daughters-in-law and 6 grandchildren. She finds people endlessly fascinating and also enjoys reading novels, walking and ‘experimenting’ in the kitchen.

‘They wrestled till daybreak’: praying with a living Word’
What do we make of the God who wrestled with Jacob; the God who leaves Jacob limping? What do we make of the notion that Jacob prevails and wrests blessing from God? And what light does all this shed on our experience and expectations in prayer?

This session won’t necessarily provide answers, but will seek to connect our lived experience with the living Word, in whom is life, and who meets us in the Bible.