Chris Coles, Priest in Charge of the Parish of Skewen in the Diocese of Llandaff, Area Dean of Neath.

I have been a member of the Llandaff Diocesan Spirituality Group since just after its inception.

I have been privileged to lead retreats, quiet days and prayer groups since being ordained in 1999 as well as being involved in being a spiritual director for both clergy and readers.

The Festival of Prayer has been a great innovation to the spiritual life of the Diocese and I am so pleased to have been part of it over the last two years as a helper.

In 2019 I will be offering a session entitled ‘The Gospel according to Hollywood’, it’s slightly a tongue in cheek title but I hope to share my passion for ‘Old Hollywood’ films that seek to reveal the Gospel message through their stories.

I can offer you, as a start, Marlon Brando, Tom Hanks, Karl Malden & possibly George Clooney!

The Bible & particularly the Gospels offer us so many stories of the human condition and how we react to life, with faith or without it.

After all the story of God’s love for us all in the person of Jesus is ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’.

Cecil Be De Mille will, hopefully, be proud!