The Revd Peter Lewis, Team Vicar in Pontypridd parish

Peter is rooted in the Church in Wales and has led churches over 20 years in rural, urban, Welsh language and youth-centred contexts. He is well versed in a variety of traditions of prayer and worship, describing his spiritual approach as seeking to be attentive to the Lord’s prompting for serving the community as we step out in faith. In the current parish he has helped develop a variety of social enterprises and projects that connect to local needs. These all had their origins in listening to God and prayerfully developing a strategy links with other churches, denominations and local agencies to bring people into a transformative encounter with God.

“In our community projects and pastoral ministry we are continually interacting with people with diverse views and approaches to spirituality. I’m always keen to see how the church can best engage with people who are perhaps coming to our Job Club or Foodbank or Community Furniture Workshops so that we are alert to the way that God can use that encounter for us to share our spirituality and create opportunities for prayers of blessing.”

“I am deeply impressed by an organisation called Christians Against Poverty (CAP) that raises people out of poverty, and demonstrates the love of Christ with a practical edge.” Peter runs a CAP Job Club each week and enjoys sharing stories of how the members there get connected into their spiritual side of life through the social care and support. “It is very fulfilling to help people develop a sense of how God is calling them into new paths of serving him and stepping out by faith, being equipped with good training and surrounded by fellowship that empowers them to advance God’s Kingdom.”

The session Peter is leading will look at practical ways we can hear God’s voice and direction as we interact with people who don’t come to church or would say that they are unconnected to formal religion. We will examine Scripture that encourages us to see our spirituality as a power house for our mission and in our prayer life we will consider the practice of prayer ministry (listening to God’s prompting as we pray blessings over others), speaking in tongues as a form of worship for Anglicans and pursuing deep encounters of the Holy Spirit’s Presence to help us step out in faith.