Jill Rossiter

Jill nursed in the NHS for 40 years, and has been a British Wheel of Yoga teacher for 15 years. Jill uses her experience and knowledge that she has developed through these disciplines and life itself to inform her teaching. Jill has a keen interest in psychology and the management of stress, the skill of being able to relax being a vital life tool.

Jill believes that Jesus is there for each person to have a personal relationship with Him. Jill has noted how Jesus reaches out across all boundaries of religion and culture to people of different religions or no religions. Jesus may not be accepted as God but He is present in many scriptures.

Jill‘s experience has shown her that if we can still our minds and bodies, we can become aware of the closeness of Jesus. This may be felt as a state of calm where time becomes meaningless. When we can quiet the worrying, ever analyzing mind, then Jesus the risen Lord comes near.

When the intellect quiets, the heart listens, and the wisdom and compassion of Christ enters us. The risen Lord speaks to us today.