Rosie Jones

I have been bathed in church all my life. As the youngest of three children, I was the one in the carry cot under a pew, soothed by the sounds of music, singing, reading, preaching and praying above me, the scent of flowers, candles, dust and mould around me, and, dozing peacefully, I was occasionally forgotten at the end of the service. Anglican liturgy is in my DNA. In church, there is so much going on, sometimes you do not have time to think.

Then, five years ago, Moira Spence made me aware of Julian Meetings, where for much of the time, not much seems to be going on at all. Just a small ecumenical group of people, in someone’s front room, some friends, some strangers, silently, together, listening to God. Since my first experience, in a house ten miles from my home, amongst people I had never met, I have learned so much about myself, about the joy of silence, and about faith. While meetings themselves are silent, the hospitality afterwards gives us the opportunity to share ideas and experiences. We now hold a chain of meetings from Maesteg, through Tondu to Porthcawl. A Julian Meeting is not an alternative to church services, it is a valuable addition.

In the workshop, we will experience a Julian Meeting and explore some of the many resources available through the Julian of Norwich network. There will be time for contemplation, discussion and music.