The Revd Sandra Birdsall, Assistant Curate in the Parish of Penarth All Saints

Before studying for ordination I was the Principal Clinical Scientist in charge of the Haematology Genetic Diagnostic Laboratory at the University Hospital of Wales.

Alongside my continuing love of science I have a passion for church history, reading the spiritual classics and travelling to visit churches, monasteries and other holy sites. I am also the newest member of the Llandaff Diocesan Spirituality Group.

Increasingly in our binary world it seems as if people are being asked to choose between Faith in God and Faith in Science, belief in both is discounted as nonsense, clinging to a romantic past. In this session I will look at what we can learn from the past about how people lived with an integrated world view of science and faith. Also about what we can absorb into our current spiritual lives and how we can live authentically with faith in a scientific world.