Fr. John-Francis Friendship

The Session will include exploring the need for compassion in society today; a look at the place of the Heart in Christian devotion with specific attention to the Sacred Heart, and prayer in the Heart of Jesus together with simple prayer exercises.

I was brought up in northwest London and worked for some time in the City until I joined the Society of St. Francis in 1976. I spent 25 years as Franciscan exercising various ministries and was ordained to the priesthood in 1994. In 2001 I became Rector of the Parish of St. Andrew, Romford and was released from my Vows the following year. In 2011 I left stipendiary ministry to focus into that of Spiritual Direction, leading Quiet Days and Retreats. For many years I have taught at the London Centre for Spiritual Direction in the City where I also see directees. In 2018 my first book, Enfolded in Christ: the Inner Life of a Priest, was published by Canterbury Press. When invited I preside at Mass and now live with my Civil Partner in south-east London.